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Sunita Lalwani has been an entrepreneur and has had experiences with starting up small to midsized companies. She started her career at her father's shipping company- Samrat Shipping at the age of 18, at a young age she traveled the world interacting with international executives in Europe and America. She learned international commerce and the importance of etiquette and conversations in conducting business.
Later she started an ad agency where she managed multiple beverage brands - Dukes, Mangola and Lemonade and helped launched a magazine handled by Bombay Dyeing.
She noticed one thing in common across all the companies she worked at: women don't play executive roles. Recently she has partnered with a talented group of people to start a grooming school called finishing touches to give women an equal opportunity to win in the workforce as well as on a personal and social level.


Mrs. Shivani Sheth is the Managing partner and CEO of Finishing Touches. One of India's finest grooming schools, with some of India's most renowned consultants. She is widely recognized for her skills in makeup and skin care.
She took up a challenge of building this top-notch institute, with strong focus on quality, and a high passion driven group of consultants.
Her desire for Empowering women and bring in sophistication and suave in men has driven her towards the making of Finishing Touches.
Shivani holds a graduate degree in Arts from the renowned St. Xaviers College, Mumbai, A diploma in food and Nutrition from Sophia College, Mumbai and is also a certified Cosmetologist.